Purple Bricks purchased Com Free and I am very familiar with their business model.

There are many significant differences between the service that I offer vs. what Purple Bricks offer. Working with me you will have responsive support and consultation that you can trust and I will be there to support you every step of the way. I will invest the time and money needed to ensure that we have your home prepared perfectly and I will invest along with you into home staging for the changes and decor items where needed. I will have the absolute highest quality marketing materials created to ensure that you get the most response to my listings. I will have your property listed on the RAHB board (Burlington/Hamilton) as well as the TREB board (GTA) where I am also a full member. I also pay to immediately advertise your listing in Homes and Land Online Magazine and on over 12 high profile real estate websites to get you maximum exposure (internationally). In addition I do a social media advertising campaign.

My goal for a property like yours is to price it perfectly to generate immediate interest and so that you can get top dollar and get much better value than the amount of my compensation. Keep in mind that Purple Bricks really only saves money for you (in theory) on the listing side when you are the seller…you still need to pay the buyers brokerage. And they only save you money if they got you top dollar for your property.

On the buy side, I work hard to assist you with finding the best property. I spend the time to listen to all of your needs so that I can best represent you. The value added in terms of money is in my expert negotiating skills. I assure you that I will perform in getting you the best possible price and my goal is that my value added will greatly exceed the commission rebate that they are willing to pay you.