Well, it’s a Buyers’ Market, and if you’re a seller there’s things you should be thinking about as well. Because, buyers need to buy things so, as a seller it’s still a very good market. The key here though, as a seller is to make sure, oh – sorry I forgot to introduce Penny. This is our new little puppy, she’s going to be around. So as sellers you need to be thinking about making sure your house is really well prepared. It’s clean, it’s well staged, priced perfectly at the market price and this is why you’re going to get that place sold in the first 30 days or so – that’s the goal. If you’re sitting on the market 60-90 days later, then those hungry buyers are going to be nibbling away and negotiating real hard with you. Let’s avoid that! So as sellers, there’s great things you can do in a Buyers’ Market too.