Downsizing vs. Rightsizing? Whether you are a senior who is moving to a smaller home or a first-time homebuyer, it is time to consider a simpler, more minimalistic lifestyle. As Michelle Obama says, “We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own “to do” lists”.

Rightsizing for a senior has different options: moving from a big house to a condo or to a beautiful retirement home where your every need is catered to.

Is it time to Rightsize? There are a few things to consider…

Freedom to Travel

Freedom to Travel! Without a large house and yard/home maintenance, you can jump on a plane and travel the world. Whether in a condo or a retirement home, there is nothing to worry about at home.


· Accidents become more prevalent as we age! Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in adults aged 65 and older. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls are the leading cause of injuries among Canadians 65 years and over. Between 20% and 30% of community-dwelling Canadian seniors experience one fall each year. Research suggests that falls are the direct cause of 95% of all hip fractures, leading to death in 20% of cases.

Financial Situation

· Reduce mortgage payments. Ideally, when selling your home, you will have equity in it to help with your next move. Further, with a smaller home, whether a condo or retirement home, your utility bills will be lower and, of course, the home will be maintenance free!

Steps to Rightsizing:

  1. What will you do with all your Treasures? This is an enormous stress for almost everyone. Clearing/sorting out years, and sometimes decades, of items collected and stored in your home can be a daunting task. That is why you need an expert to help you with this process. You could even make some money by selling items.
  2. Consider a professional Take an environmentally-friendly process to downsizing! Let a professional search out and disburse unwanted items to local charities. Donating items to local charities is a feel-good action. It is comforting to know that others may be enjoying your items that are no longer useful to you.
  3. Preparing your home for sale How to Prepare your Home for Sale. Sometimes our parents have lived in their homes for years, maybe decades, without updating and renovating. Let a professional guide you through this process before you home goes up for sale to get the best financial reward.
  4. Retirement Living If a retirement home is your next move, how do you find the perfect retirement home for you? With so many beautiful retirement homes in our area, it can seem to be a daunting task. Let us help you! With years of living in the area and being involved in the community, Clinton and Mary are the ones to ask. We will even take you for lunch at the homes we think would be a perfect fit for you!

We have created a video series to expand on these tips. We thought this would be useful. Clinton and Mary can assist you in every aspect of your next move! Call us for a complimentary consultation.