Having an older home that you’re getting for resale? Be careful not to spend too much money! Deciding how much to put into a home before selling is all relative to value. In terms of that, let’s say your home is roughly an $800,000 resale and you’ve got a $5,000 budget to get it ready for resale. The best return on your investments are:

  • Making sure the house is clean! This way buyers see it in its best condition.
  • Repaint the whole house, nice and fresh. Paint is your least expensive renovation.
  • Ensure the curb appeal looks great! This includes, the front door, all the caulking, the landscape, and the grounds. Make sure things are looking really pristine.
  • If you have more money to spend, the most important rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Where I wouldn’t spend money is putting in a new furnace, changing the eavestroughs, doing huge maintenance items that are not visible.
  • Make sure you sell the sizzle, before the steak!