Imagine your dream home….I bet it’s not filled with clutter. Whether you’re trying to sell your home this season, or just fall back in love with it, you need to declutter. A lot of people are overwhelmed with starting the task but here’s the secret to success…you just need to start. Zero in on one small solvable clutter issue. Whether that’s a countertop, a desk, your closet – choose an item that bothers you daily.

Then move onto the next! Every time you lose motivation or feel overwhelmed, go back to that one clean spot you started with. It will motivate you to keep on going.

The next step is to book time in your calendar to commit to cleaning! Even if you just start with 15 minutes a day, it will start the process. Try and do 2-4 hours twice per week. I’m sorry to tell you, but there’s no declutter fairy that will do the job while you’re asleep!

There’s no magic room to start with that will get the job done faster, so start with what is bothering you the most. Your bedroom, your kitchen, your garage. Whatever is causing you the most stress or anxiety, get rid of it!

Some use the love it or lose it method, which means if you haven’t used it in the last 3 months or you don’t absolutely love it, get rid of it. Keep an eye out for more articles with awesome tips this month!