In most markets, supply will still outweigh demand when it comes to home sales. Home prices in Toronto have been going lower than ever, and we are definitely in a buyers market right now.
How can you make your house stand out amongst the rest? One of the most forgotten features, is the curb appeal. It’s your homes first impression, so make sure that it’s in A+ condition before going all out on your kitchen renovations.

Since the outside of the home gives the first impression, it has to have a wow factor and should definitely not turn off buyers. If you have old or dying shrubs, they have to go. They will set up a negative tone for the rest of the property. Most buyers won’t even check out your home if your front exterior is not pristine.

One of the most overlooked areas is the driveway. Funny, because you use it every day! Make sure it is as appealing as possible. No cracks, no weeds, or other noticeable flaws. This will increase your curb appeal.

To summarize here, if you have a beautiful lawn, with colourful landscaping and a freshly painted exterior, it’s going to stand out from the rest of the listings that aren’t putting as much of an effort it.