The cold weather has come out of nowhere! Definitely a push start into the fall season which means your home needs some extra attention when it comes to maintenance. It’s better to prepare and start tackling these small tasks now rather than letting it build up into one big project at the end of October. Here are some tips for getting your home up to date this season.

  1. Clean out or possibly replace your gutters. During the summer there has been so much dirt, dust, leaves, and grime filling up and potentially clogging your drain system. Now is a good time to clean all of that out before it overflows with the fall leaves. Don’t forget to do another quick clean-up after the fall season is over too!
  2. Fix any cracks in the driveway. When water gets into these cracks and we have colder weather, it will freeze and expand so the cracks will get bigger. Next thing you know, your driveway is going to be looking more like a pot-hole than a place to park your car.
  3. Prepare your lawn for the fall and winter by applying fertilizer so when the spring time comes, your lawn will turn greener faster because it has already been cared for.
  4. Now that the humidity is getting lower, it would be the perfect time to paint the exterior of your home to give it a fresher look.
  5. Inspect your roof! The last thing you want after the first snowfall or major rain is to realize you have a leak. Take preventative measures rather than paying the big bill once it’s already caused some damage.

Maintaining your home is more than just about preventing damage – it’s about maintaining its value. Just a few hours on a Saturday afternoon can save you thousands of dollars in the long term!