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Luma is a new home security surveillance system that has just been developed by SnapAV, and it is considered a top notch product that blends a user’s experience and which rivals the best of any other DIY solutions.

Even better is that you can even control and monitor the system right from your smartphone or tablet through the free Luma App. Yes, it’s that easy.

With a click, tap or swipe, all your security needs are met instantly.

Anyone who can easily navigate a TV DVR can pretty much conquer Luma through the app or a TV graphic user interface on a computer, or even tablet.

Homeowners can use the fast-forward and rewind buttons or slide the glider to find a particular event or moment in time. They can also select any frames of interest to save or forward. And they can zoon, pause, jump backward or forward 15 seconds, all through a simple UI that looks the same from a computer, TV, or handheld device,” adds Howell.

When you are logged into Luma, the first thing you will notice about its interface is that it provides a simple and intuitive layout (you can display as many areas of your home that you wish on the screen). Three quarters of your screen is dedicated to the cameras and it offers a multi-window view.

Over to the right of your screen there are icons that easily allow you to change your views, cycle the cameras, or take it full screen.

A navigation bar on the bottom of your screen allows you to go back in time to view all recordings. Solid blue areas on the bar indicate constant recorded material, while yellow tick-marks show up for unique events. You simply click on the timeline and playback is instantaneous. There is even an icon where you can perform a time and day search instantly – that’s right, you can go as far back to your installation date.

When on the go the Luma app provides superb access to recordings and live displays of all your cameras. An extremely responsive design lets you see every camera however you want. You can easily swap the camera tile location, and one click will give you a full screen view. Swiping between views on your smartphone is smooth, while instant resolution change conveniently makes it crystal clear. You can click on the record feature when you see activity you want to capture in real time. The app provides all the icons for fast forwarding and rewinding.

Even better is that the free Luma app will notify you in the event of movement or entry into your home in real time. Also, after you review a segment of video which is of interest, you can email that segment directly from your smart device.

The Luma’s high-powered indoor and outdoor dome cameras deliver sharp 1080p HD video. You can even hide loose wires in each dome.

And all your recordings from the cameras around your house are stored in a professional cloud-based platform that is highly secure.

Luma is cutting-edge technology, the best out there, and it is more than affordable. Every homeowner will enjoy the fact that this technology is beyond simple to use and they will now have that extra-piece of mind knowing that their home is safe and secure at all times.

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