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The relationship between a house and its new buyer is a sacred one – a match made in heaven if you will. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, 2015 held a record breaking high score for the number of homes sold across the city, blowing the 2007 numbers out of the water. What does this mean to you as a homeowner? There are plenty of fish in the sea (to continue with the water metaphor); there are plenty of people who are looking to buy a new home. The team at Sold Right Away have built a checklist to help you avoid any last minute panic before you meet “the one”.

Rule #1: The Price is Right
The price is the most pivotal item on this checklist because however wonderful your house is, nobody is going to buy it if it’s overpriced. But don’t worry, the answer is finding a good Realtor. However tempting, try not to filter your choice based on the highest price and the lowest commission, but one that can help you detach and show the property from the eyes of a potential buyer.

Rule #2: Making it look pretty
No, this does not mean giving your home a complete makeover, however, making it look the best will probably help you sell it more quickly. You don’t have to go overboard with this tip, make it look the best while investing as little money as possible. Just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, you wouldn’t want to buy a house with stained carpets and scraped paint when the owners have lived there for more than a decade. Fixing items that fall under normal upkeep should be priority on your to-do list.

Rule #3: Marketing done right is a service
It is important that your Realtor understands this. Richard Silver, senior vice president at Sotheby’s Canada says “20 – 30% of the buyers in Toronto are either foreign or Non-Canada born.”, therefore, it is not enough to advertise locally.
There are many different platforms which can be used to advertise the property, such as: social media, print ads (newspaper ad and neighbourhood postcards), WeChat and email marketing.

Putting your house up for sale can be a long and tiring chore, but if you follow our checklist and watch the market, put in a little effort and find yourself a good Realtor, your house will find its match and will live happily ever after.

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