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A Baby Monitor That Let’s You Enjoy Your Grown-Up Time


This would be a great gift for new parents!

It has been many years since my wife and I have had babies in our home. I remember like yesterday that this was a very fun and high anxiety time. Especially stressful and often frustrating was once the baby had been put down to sleep. My wife could not relax. The racing thoughts: What is the baby doing? Is he OK? I wonder if he is warm enough? I hope he doesn’t role over; I hear that can be dangerous. Oh no, he is fussing and I don’t want to go in as he will wake up…I can’t watch a movie because I need to be available for the baby…and so on and so forth. Anyone who has or has had babies knows what I am talking about!

Sure, we had a baby monitor, but it was absolutely nothing compared the brand new system from Project Nursery made by Voxx. They have one coming out that looks to be the ultimate baby monitoring system. Check this out, it comes with a rechargeable 5” HD video monitor that lasts 8 hours and a rechargeable 1.5” video monitor that YOU CAN WEAR ON YOUR WRIST and lasts 16 hours! They call this wrist-wearing monitor the Parent Unit. You can talk to your baby with the two-way intercom up to 800 feet away, you can play her lullabies, you can monitor the room temperature, you can pan and tilt the camera remotely, you can take snap shots and video if your baby is doing something cute or concerning, the list goes on and on. You can also have up to four cameras and see them all simultaneously for different views!

Let me tell you, if we had a baby monitor system like this one, we would have been able to enjoy a lot more movies, a lot more glasses of wine on our patio and we would have slept a lot better. This would be a fantastic gift idea for baby showers for upcoming parents and a great addition to your house if you have little ones already. I just hope that it is not too good to be true! Time will tell.

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