Are You Ready for a Digital Detox?

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The world loves the modern convenience of wireless computing and other Wifi-enabled devices and hi-tech gadgets…but what are the long-term consequences? Are we using them safely?

Personally speaking, I absolutely love new technology and keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in wireless connectivity is my business as I have made a career for myself based on lifestyle technology.Like most of us, I have Wifi at home and Bluetooth in my car. My wife, both of my kids and I have iPhones. We have a “smart TV“ home theatre system, new ceiling LED light bulbs, etc.However, there is this underground swell of a topic that I have been learning about lately that deals with overexposure to EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) from my tech devices, electric appliances, the neighbourhood cellphone towers and other items in our environment that create what has come to be known as “electrosmog.”Unlike air pollution, you can’t see, touch or taste electromagnetic fields but there is a growing body of evidence that it is an environmental stressor to humans.

My health and the health of my friends, clients and loved ones has been on my mind these days and after researching the vast body of knowledge that has been accumulated and published by former respected executives of the high-tech industry and government scientists, I have decided that I am going to be making changes in how I use technology personally and how I design systems for my clients! With that being said, I am going to write a series of articles on the benefits of using technology safely and how to incorporate the use of safer technology to achieve the same goals for my clients.

A respected Toronto-based Interior Design Architect, Christine McKenzie, who designs houses and interiors that keep you safe from dangerous technology said, “I have become the type of person that can now feel when the EMF in a room is too high, it actually makes me feel hot and gives me a headache, I can’t stay there long.When I design homes for my clients, I always guide them with options that incorporate technology, but in a safe way, there is a lot you can do.”

There is plenty of evidence showing that holding a cellphone against your head for example is a bad idea and sleeping beside a Wifi router is probably not good either.Everything from your refrigerator to your vacuum to your light fixtures can have a “smart” app these days…and it is all so cool…but you really need to ask yourself: Is it safe?

The difference between drugs and technology is that drugs must be tested for health effects before they are brought to market. Our wireless devices are not tested on animals or humans for harmful biological effects. Our safety standard organizations, such as CSA, mainly test the devices to ensure against things like starting fires. They do not test for the potential harmful effects from the electromagnetic fields that they produce. The public is left to research this subject and then make an informed decision as to the route that they will take to incorporate new technology into their home.

Robert W Connolly is an author, film producer and digital technical journalist specializing in alternative energy medicine that uses electromagnetic fields to heal and he said, “Studies have shown that proximity and prolonged exposure to the wrong frequencies—harmful EMF—can be related to many health issues.”

I don’t plan on eliminating technology from my life in any way, but I definitely want to learn as much as I can about this subject to ensure that I am providing the safest methods as possible for my clients. In essence, the key is to keep wireless RF transmitting devices at a distance, as far away from yourself as possible and eliminate them if there are alternatives in hard-wired solutions. Choose wired vs. wireless.Also, minimize the amount of time you use a cellphone and never place it against your ear. Keep it out of your pocket and bra. Turn off unnecessary features like Bluetooth and Wifi when you are not using it.Most importantly, when you are sleeping, put your devices in “airplane” mode and turn off your home Wifi router.

Now, you may be thinking that this effort might be an unreasonable request for those of us that are addicted to their wireless devices, but there is a growing body of evidence that I will present to you over the series of articles that I have planned that might have you “thinking different” as Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple who died from cancer, would say.

If you want to get started right now with your research, there are a couple of websites that I highly recommend you visit to learn a lot more about this fascinating topic. For an insider whistleblower point of view, the former president of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg, owns – Canadians For Safe Technology and his organization’s mandate is to convince the government of Canada to revise the safety limits that govern the use of our wireless technology.

The other viewpoint comes from a professional educational perspective. Dr. Magda Havas, PhD, is a professor at Trent University who is paid by the Canadian government to teach a certified degree course on the harmful and healthful biological effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body.Her personal website is

Stay tuned.