How To Keep You Safe From Harmful Effects of Wifi

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To recap my article from last week, we are talking about the silent and invisible harmful EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) that consist of a wide spectrum of frequencies such as 60 cycles per second (60 Hz) from our power lines and radio frequencies (RF) that are present in and outside my home and workplace.

Outside the home, we need to be especially cautious of living too near to low-frequency high-tension overhead power line wires and high-frequency (RF) cellphone towers.

Judging by the recently released $25 million study by the National Toxicology Program, which documented the effects of cell phone microwave RF radio frequency radiation on rodents, there seems to be some very serious health issues associated with the overuse — or should I say abuse — of modern conveniences like cordless phones, cell phones and other high-tech Wifi gadgets that use similar microwave radio frequencies to communicate with each other. In the case of Wifi, these devices use the same RF frequency that is used to cook food in our microwave oven—2.4 billions of cycles per second or 2.4 Gigahertz. The difference is a microwave oven turns itself off after a few minutes but Wifi routers are on all the time pulsing chronic microwave radiation 24/7 throughout your home and into your neighbors, too.

This FDA-sponsored study and its admission of negative effects from wireless technology set me on a course to learn more about the health effects of electromagnetic fields. Can these rat studies be a marker for biological effects on humans? My research led me to Robert W Connolly, a producer of an upcoming interactive film titled The Healing Field. It’s about alternative energy medicine that utilizes electromagnetic fields to heal. Yes, there seem to be good and bad electromagnetic fields.

He told me to find the facts about EMF based on the acronym FIND. F stands for Frequency — is it a healing frequency that resembles the earth’s magnetic field or a harmful frequency that was used in the rat study? I stands for Intensity—how strong is the signal. N is nearness — how close are you to it and D stands for duration. Do you sleep beside it?

He suggested that I first take a “field” trip to meet Rob Metzinger who heads up a progressive forward-thinking company called Safe Living Technologies Inc. (SLT.) His day mostly entails teaching people how to identify where RF and EMF sources originate from and provides strategies to mitigate the negative health effects they create.

When I was there, I learned a ton about RF and EMF-detecting equipment and equally important mitigation products that you can purchase to keep the nasty EMF out of your home.Toronto-based interior design architect Christine McKenzie incorporates these kinds of products into her projects and she says, “I don’t know what I would do without Mr. Metzinger and the simple products that solve so many of the issues with EMF in our world today.”

For example, there is RF shielding paint called Y-SHIELD that you can apply to your walls and ceiling and then paint your final color over top. The microwaves can’t penetrate the paint. There is clear invisible film gel for windows and special RF shielding fabrics made of cotton and silver to make window drapery and even bed canopies. I decided to purchase some of their fancy RF and power line test equipment so I could study my own home and work environment to educate my family and friends to the invisible electrosmog we can’t see, touch, taste or smell.

To be honest with my readers, at the beginning of my research, I found this topic to be a tad stressful thinking that we are hopelessly surrounded by a world full of man-made electro-smog radiation that can potentially have some serious consequences if you are chronically overexposed to it. However, I have now discovered that there are simple cost-effective solutions to these problems by altering your home and work environment. The meters that I bought have taught me some important lessons.

My first recommendation is to teach your kids that have cell phones and iPads the meaning of “airplane” mode and to use it in that mode. It turns off the microwave transmitters that broadcast constantly — even when the devices are not in use.

To learn more about RF and EMF meters and mitigation strategies, check it all out online at More next week!

Stay tuned!