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We were extremely pleased with having Clinton find us the perfect new home for our family.  Clinton was very thoughtful in his approach and we always felt  he had our  best  interests well in hand.   His passion and professionalism  are great to be around when you are selling and buying your home. When selling our home Clinton’s years of experience  in design expertise provided tremendous value in creating a place someone else will enjoy. A great guy to list with for sure.

Steve S.

I wanted to list my home with someone who is patient, and who understood the quality and value of our home. Clinton was thorough and understanding and was able to highlight our homes’ quality workmanship and special features. He was able to attract many viewers and sell our home. One of many Clintons’ qualities was that he was always there with buyers – patient and always on time! It was a pleasure dealing with Clinton! Thank you Clinton!

Andy S.

He really went above and beyond to find a place that would meet my needs and my budget, and my daughter’s needs as well. He put a lot of effort and time, overtime actually, to making sure I found something.

Its been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Clinton for anybody who is seeking Real Estate advice or services in the Burlington area.


Julie D.

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